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Hello, My name is Ace and I love to play with fire....



...and I love to design wildly different, eclectic creations to celebrate the wildness in your restless and adventurous spirit. That is how this all began, you know: a woman, a road, a sense of adventure, and a yearning for discovery. Having grown up on a farm in Oklahoma, my passion for the outdoors started early, a wild child running in fields of wheat, riding my horse bareback through the grasslands.  When an opportunity struck to hit the road and explore the rest of the country, I loaded my car with a few necessities (a tent, a Nikon, a change of clothes), and hit the road I did. Expansive landscapes were revealed: mountains, canyons, mesas, ocean, deserts, rivers, beauty never experienced before.  I became breathless, insatiable. My world expanded from flat to voluptuous, from passive to dynamic. For years, I camped and explored and hiked and rafted and howled at the moon and camped some more. Being passionate about sharing with others my discovery of this astounding beauty of the rugged and raggedy western landscape of the U.S. , I guided and drove tours for Green Tortoise, an adventure travel company,  traveling across the United States, Mexico, and Central America in vintage 1956 tour buses.


But really, what the heck does this have to do with jewelry? All this exploration was a search for experience and authenticity. Although I lived life creatively, I did not settle down to explore creating art until my early forties, when I picked up a torch, melted the heck out of some copper, played with bits of silver, and a new expression of passion was discovered.


My work does not imply adventure. My work is adventure. It is about pushing limits, peeking around the next bend, peering towards the horizon. It is about bouncing in a truck on a dusty, wash-boarded back road to anywhere. It is about grit and rust and edginess and messy hair and embracing the art of imperfection. It is about being a little afraid of the darkness, but knowing the moon will be there to light the way.  It is about not only discovering yourself, but becoming yourself.


Are you ready? Ready to join me on this exquisite and jagged journey? Let's hit the road!


Artfully yours,    


oh, and always in the interest of keeping things on the wild side, you know how folks used to talk about running away to join the circus... I actually did.  


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